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    Best cream 750ml


    Best Marula Cream Liqueur is a delicious blend of the unique flavors of the marula fruit including chocolate, caramel, and a hint of butterscotch.

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    Bulleit 95 Rye 750ml


    Bulleit Rye

     (70cl, 45%)

    Bulleit Rye Bottling Note

    Has there ever been a moment when you’ve been sipping Bulleit Bourbon and wanted it to have even more rye? Well you’re in luck, they now have their own Rye whiskey! Bulleit Rye is made with a mashbill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley and is produced in small batches. An absolutely stunning rye that won a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2013.

    Tasting Note 

    Nose: Big heaps of cherries and vanilla, with subtle notes of leather and tobacco.

    Palate: Rather hot at first, the spices coming to the forefront. This is followed by peaches, more cherries and a little bit of orange zest.

    Finish: A smoky finish, carried by cinnamon, allspice and a hint of sweeties.

    Overall: The Bulleit distillery sure know their way around a rye whiskey.

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    Marshall’s 700ml


    Marshall’s Bourbon Whiskey

     (70cl, 40%)

    Marshalls Bourbon Whiskey Bottling Note

    Marshall’s is a good value for money Kentucky bourbon, evidently produced in Bardstown since 1935 (a few years after Prohibition was repealed).

    Tasting Note

    Nose: Vanilla-rich biscuits, peanut brittle and a slight waft of vegetal oak.

    Palate: Notes of tobacco smoke and oak resin, with a touch of dark chocolate.

    Finish: Warm and slightly sweet with orange zest.

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    Sazerac Rye 750ml


    Sazerac Straight Rye

     (70cl, 45%)

    Sazerac Straight Rye Bottling Note

    The whiskey is named for the Sazerac Coffee House in New Orleans, birthplace of the famous – and sublime – Sazerac cocktail. The Coffee House was acquired by Thomas H Handy, owner also of Peychaud’s Bitters. Originally, he sold bottles of the Sazerac cocktail, which was originally made with Cognac. Today, this glorious libation is produced at the Buffalo Trace distillery.

    Tasting Note

    Nose: Sweet with spices and stem ginger in syrup. Orange zest, freshly ground black pepper and mixed peels.

    Palate: Thick, spicy palate with notes of Seville orange marmalade and allspice. Peanut butter, toffee and barrel char develop later on.

    Finish: An oily, spicy finish.

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